Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What breed of cattle do you use on your farm?

Answer: We primarily use the angus breed for consistency of marbling.  

Question: Does pasture-raised mean primarily grass fed and supplemented with feed as needed?

Answer: Our definition of pasture-raised is that all animals should have access to good quality forage on pasture. We supplement feed to them daily, so it will allow the meat to be more marbled and flavorful. 

Question: What do you feed the Cattle?

Answer: Corn, Barley and Soybean Meal, all 100% GMO Free.

Question: Is your farm organic?

Answer: When you are not certified organic, legally, you cannot use the word organic. However, we are 100% mindful to practice and produce all-natural products. We raise what we believe is the best product to feed our own family and share it with our customers.

Question: Is your meat hormone free?

Answer: Yes, our meat is 100% free of any kind of growth added hormones. 

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