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1/2 Beef Deposit

1/2 Beef Deposit

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Reserve your 1/2 Beef today and pay the final amount when shipped or picked up!

1/2 Beef (roughly 194lbs.)

The 1/2 Beef is the perfect package for filling up your at-home chest freezer. The 1/2 beef will feed a family of four for an entire year! Just imagine not having to go to the grocery store for a whole year for your beef supply!
 The 1/2 Beef is roughly 194 lbs. of cut and packaged beef and takes up about 6 or 7 cubic feet of space (one medium size chest freezer is 10-16 cubic feet).

Hormone, GMO, and Antibiotics FREE
What You Get in a 1/2 Beef

* 40% Premium Ground Beef: roughly 78 lbs. in convenient 1 lb. packages
* 35% Savory Cuts: 68 lbs of Roasts, Packages of Stew Meat
* 25% Steaks: 48 lbs of Sirloin Tips, New York Strips, Ribeyes, Tenderloin
* !! Brisket is included !!

*Please note that we cannot guarantee specific cuts in any order*

Price Includes: All butchering and processing fees. Dry aging for flavor and tenderness between 14 to 21 days. All items are professionally packaged, and labeled with names and weights. All meat is flash frozen to preserve freshness, quality, and flavor. Packages are vacuum sealed and can last over 18 months in your freezer. Local pickup available.

How it works: You reserve your 1/2 Beef today with a $499 deposit. We will go out in the pasture and select the healthiest & fattest steer in the herd. We'll have our expert butcher process your beef and once it's ready and the final payment ($1,296) has been processed, we'll ship it directly from our farm to your door. And don't worry, your beef will arrive fully frozen!

Total Amount Paid 

Shipped ($1,915)

Local Pickup (1,795)

Price Depending on local pickup, sales & tax

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